2018 Schedule & Archive

Member Playing Opportunities

Mobile Meals Group:
Mon/Wed/Fri – 9am

Ladies Play:
Tues/Thurs/Sat – 9:30am

Super Duffers:
Tues/Thurs – 8:30am

Lunch Bunch:
Mon/Wed/Fri – 12pm

The 10:30 Crowd:
Tues/Thurs – 10:30am

Points Dogfights:
Sat/Sun – 8am-9am

Couples Nine and Dine:
Starts the last Thursday of the month April – October

2018 Schedule

Spring Member-Member:
April 7th-8th

Par 3 Tournament:
May 25th

Ringer Tournament:
June 30th-July 1st

Member Invitational:
August 25th-26th

Club Championship:
September 22nd-23rd

Fall Member-Member:
November 3rd-4th

Backwards Wing Ding:
November 30th


2018 Spring Member-Member

Steve Calicutt & Mike Sposa

Championship Flight
1st  Stan Sill & Josh McMillan
2nd  Chris Vinyard & Teddie McCraw
3rd  Chip Ridley & Taylor Ridley

First Flight
1st  Dean Camp & BJ Millwood
2nd  Eddie Murray & Carson Murray
3rd  Chris Martin & Chris Hamilton

Second Flight
1st  Todd Winstead & Joe Frederick
2nd  Murray Glenn & Dan O’Connell
3rd  Finnly Fain & Steve Clarke

Third Flight
1st  Tim Baymiller & Fred Williams
2nd  Charlie Godfrey & Bill Mabry
3rd  Jerry Martin & Master Cho

Fourth Flight
1st  Mike Putze & Dennis Burns
2nd  Matt Gray &  Brian Tune
3rd  Robbie Waldrop & Landon Waldrop

2017 Club Championship

Brad Sill

Senior Champion
Mark Pike

Super Senior Champion
TA Stevens

Championship Flight
1st Chris Hamilton
2nd Stan Sill
3rd Josh McMillan

First Flight
1st  Pat Carroll
2nd Steven Calicutt
3rd Mike McGrath

Second Flight
1st Tyler Macolly
2nd Taylor Hough
3rd Phil Roper

Third Flight
1st John Akers
2nd Larry Fowler
3rd Stuart Smith

Fourth Flight
1st Steve Corn
2nd Brent Atkins
3rd Keith Ridley

Senior Boys
1st Jefferson Elmore
2nd Payne Clary
3rd Caleb Sewell

Senior Girls
1st Hanna Webber
2nd Maddie Carraway
3rd Londyn Rath

Junior Boys
1st Creighton Rentz
2nd Davis Huckabee

2017 Spring Member-Member Results
Brad Sill-Tyler Comer

Championship Flight
1st Stan Sill-Josh McMillan
2nd Kyle Milner-Mark Pike
3rd David Powell-Jason Henderson

First Flight
1st Phil Roper-Mike McGrath
2nd Taylor Hough-Anne Taylor Hough
3rd Lee Amick-TA Stevens

Second Flight
1st Mitch Campbell-Teddy Lipscomb
2nd Don Grant-Dean Camp
3rd Bobby Joe Millwood-Chris Martin

Third Flight
1st Ron Jacobs-Danny McIntyre
2nd Ron Jacobs-Bill Dees
3rd Eddie Murray-Carson Murray

Fourth Flight
1st Jack West-Jerry Martin
2nd Greg Newton-Joe Frederick
3rd Keith Ridley-John Akers

2016 Fall Member-Member

Lee Amick-TA Stevens

Championship Flight
1st Chris Vinyard-Phil Roper
2nd Brad Sill-Tyler Comer
3rd Mark Pike-Barry Bright

First Flight
1st Simon Noone-Phillip McArthur
2nd Bobby Joe Millwood-Jim Martin
3rd Dean Israel-Dewey Halford

Second Flight
1st Larry Sossamon-Mike Honeycutt
2nd Ron Jacobs-Danny McIntyre
3rd Mike McGrath-Teddie McCraw

Third Flight
1st Chip Ridley-Roger Moore
2nd Kevin Bolin-John Akers
3rd Scott Clary-Dennis Burns

2016 Match Play

Championship Match
Stan Sill defeated TA Stevens  2&1

First Round
Mark Pike defeated Mike McGrath  6&4
Josh McMillan defeated John Jarrett  3&2
Stan Sill defeated Joey Smith  3&2
Simon Noone defeated David Powell  3&1
Murray Glenn defeated Kyle Milner 1up
TA Stevens defeated Fred Williams  1up
Brad Sill defeated Ted Lipscomb  2&1
Pat Carroll defeated Teddie McCraw 1up

Second Round
Mark Pike defeated Josh McMillan  3&2
Stan Sill defeated Simon Noone  4&2
TA Stevens defeated Murray Glenn  1up
Pat Carroll defeated Brad Sill  1up

Stan Sill defeated Mark Pike  1up
TA Stevens defeated Pat Carroll  2&1

2016 Club Championship

Men’s Champion…Kyle Milner
Senior Champion….Mark Pike
Super Senior Champion….Pat Carroll
Ladies Champion….Terri Dees
Junior Champion….Bryson Rose

Championship Flight
1st  Brad Sill
2nd Stan Sill

First Flight
1st Josh McMillan
2nd Teddie McCraw

Second Flight
1st David Powell
2nd Murray Glenn

Third Flight
1st Barry Bright
2nd Kelly Clary
3rd Larry Fowler

Fourth Flight
1st John Craig
2nd Jason Henderson
3rd Carson Murray
4th Mike Padgett